FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 6

It’s week 6! And I really had to think about my FOOMA for this week, but there’s always something to add to the list. This week’s FOOMA features a few pieces from the DIORIVIERA collection, a collection I’ve absolutely fallen head over heels in wishlist love with, and one that if I was suddenly rich, I’d be buying most of to take on my holiday to Cannes! So let’s dive straight in to FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 6!

FOOMA #1: Cannes Mitzah Scarf, £175

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 6

Silk Twill Cannes
Image from

I love this piece! At £175, this silk twill Toile de Jouy Mitzah Scarf is everything that sums up the luxury that is Dior. I love anything in Dior’s version of Toile de Jouy, and for my Cannes holiday, I’d love this to tie around my ponytail, or to swing from my Louis Vuitton bag! Cannes is my favourite place on Earth, so carrying a little piece of it around with me would be EVERYTHING! Have I sold it to you yet? Available in a variety of town names and colours, you can buy yours here. And it leads me nicely on to my second piece…

FOOMA #2: The CANNES Dior Book Tote, £2,250

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 6

Book Tote
Image from

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll know that this is my ultimate dream bag, I’m forever lusting after the Dior Book Tote. The Cannes version is so pretty in pink, but even though I love it, I think I actually prefer the classic Toile de Jouy blue & white version. Even so, this is just a wishlist, and this is a perfect purchase for the riviera life! Looking forward to spotting this bag along La Croisette this summer!

FOOMA #3: Dioriviera Toile de Jouy Sarong, £450

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 6

Sarong Dior
Dior Sarong, £450 (Image from

Because I’ve been lusting after the Dior throw so much, this is my favourite of the whole bunch. At £450, this beautiful piece is a snip compared to the Dior throw, and equally as beautiful. I’m not sure I would dare wrap it around myself after a dip in the sea, but it would be the perfect lightweight South of France accessory! Simply stunning, Dior have the best pieces!

So there you have it, another week, another FOOMA! I’m honestly so in love with the DIORIVIERA Collection so much, I could buy it all! As I step ever closer to my much needed holiday this year, it’s nice to have my head in the luxury clouds!

Which pieces would you choose?

Until next time lovely people,

Kay x

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