FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4

Can you believe it’s FOOMA time again? I really don’t know where these weeks are going! This week’s FOOMA is a special one, as it doesn’t only feature my top three designer picks, there’s also a guest FOOMA from my lovely friend Krissi too! But more about that later, let’s delve right in to this week’s cornucopia of delights! Here it is FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4. And this week’s is taking more of a classic theme!

FOOMA #1: A classic Chanel handbag, £4820

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4

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Is there anything more classic fashion than a Chanel handbag? Other than makeup, I don’t actually own anything from Chanel, but I’ve always dreamed of one day owning a really classic Chanel handbag. The beauty of FOOMA is that money is no object, and I can add whatever I want to my list, but in reality, this handbag costs just £200 less than what I paid for my car!! And when you put it like that, it does seems like a ridiculous purchase! I firmly believe in daring to dream though, and whether preloved or brand new, maybe one day you’ll see me with this beautiful piece of arm candy. Here’s hoping! This classic Chanel flap handbag is available here.

FOOMA #2: A Classic Burberry Trench, from around £1290

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4

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I’m a Burberry girl, in a Burberry world as you well know, but I don’t actually own a Burberry trench! I love Burberry, and when I want a real treat, Burberry is always the first fashion house that I visit. From scarves, to handbags and my love of the Thomas bear, over time I’ve gradually started to fill my life with all things Burberry. I did once own a vintage trench, but I lost weight and it no longer fit me so I sold it…big mistake! So my lust for the trench continues, and although I have some perfect trenches in my wardrobe, one day I’d absolutely love to purchase a Burberry one! The one in the image above is the mid-length Chelsea Heritage slim-fit trench, £1490 and would be my ultimate choice, but there are actually 5 different styles of Burberry trench available in a variety of lengths. Shop yours here (and buy me one too if you’re feeling generous ha!).

FOOMA #3: A Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, £820

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If I was choosing anything from Louis Vuitton, I think I’d find it hard to choose a print other than the monogram, it’s so classic, I absolutely love it! I own a Neverfull PM, I bought it with money from my 30th birthday and I added the difference; it’s a bag that I’ve never regretted buying. If I was buying another, I’d choose a classic Speedy 25. I love the Speedy, it’s such a practical bag that’s built to last a lifetime! So I’m wrapping up my classic FOOMA choices with this! The Speedy 25 is available here.

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4, Guest Pick

So you’ve seen my picks this week, but I’m wondering what yours would be? So I’m starting a new FOOMA feature, a guest pick! Each week I’ll be asking someone new to tell me their ultimate FOOMA pick right now, and who better to start with than one of my very best friends! Krissi is a phenomenal photographer, you can find her on Instagram here for her blog account, and here for her amazing coffee account, Flat Whites Forever. A wonderful friend, I love to go exploring with Krissi; she always knows the best places to eat, where to get the best coffee and I love to hit the shops with her too; we always have so much fun! She’s a wonderful person to be around and makes my life so much brighter! She’s also uber-fashionable, so I knew she wouldn’t let me down with her FOOMA pick. Krissi’s FOOMA pick is this…

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A stunning Prada backpack available for £995 (here). I asked her why she picked it, and she said that she’s always wanted a designer backpack, but then she remembered that she already has a Mulberry one!! Still, this is a perfect, classic FOOMA pick from a classic brand. Dressed up or dressed down, a Prada backpack would be a great addition to any outfit, and it’s very much Krissi’s style; I love it!

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 4
Shopping a few years back, featuring the Cara Mulberry backpack!

That’s it for this week,

Until next time,

Kay x

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