(FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel

(FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel

I’ll be completely honest, as my feet have barely touched the ground this week (yes, even in lockdown things have been busy!) I struggled to find things for my FOOMA list! Then, I got to thinking about my summer holiday to the South of France and the FOOMA juices soon began to flow! We’re keeping everything crossed that we’ll get to our Cannes stay over at the end of August (it’ll also be our first wedding anniversary whilst we’re there) so, I started thinking about the things that I’d love to take with me if money was no object. And once I’d started, I couldn’t stop! So here it is FOOMA Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel, my first stop for dreamy holiday luxury!

FOOMA #1: Louis Vuitton, Horizon 50 in monogram print, £1860

(FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel

Louis Vuitton Luggage

The most dreamy leather suitcase has got to be one from Louis Vuitton. The fashion house most famous for its luxury luggage, it’s surely every fashionista’s dream to carry one of these beauties on board. This is the smallest, cabin bag size and to be honest, unless you have the luxury of flying by First Class, I also think it’s the best option, as you get to have it with you at all times. How many of us have been a little bit sad when we’ve gotten our cabin bags back in another country, only to find that they’ve been damaged? Me, I have! Well, multiply that feeling by a few thousands, my heart would be broken if they damaged a piece of craftsmanship such as this! At £1860, it is pricey, but in comparison to most high-end handbags, you get a lot of bang for your buck! And whilst I’m dreaming, I may as well request a Louis Vuitton wash bag and passport cover too! Thank you LV! All products are available here.

FOOMA #2: Saint Laurent Espadrilles, £325

(FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel 

YSL espadrilles
Saint Laurent, £325

Perfect for casually strolling in and out of the designer boutiques along La Croissette, I am totally in love with these espadrilles. I love designer espadrilles so much!! For a previous trip to the South of France, I bought a high-street Chanel-inspired pair of espadrilles, which I think were a little more than £10! They were so comfortable and really handy, because I’m not a pretty sandals girl at all (my ugly running feet have prevented that from ever being a thing!!) and they just worked with pretty much EVERYTHING! Fast-forward a few more years, and this year I’ve bought myself some beautiful canvas Versace espadrilles for my trip; but if I could choose any pair, it would be these gorgeous Saint Laurent shoes, in any colour!

(FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel

Cannes 2017
Cannes 2017, in my gorgeous high-street espadrilles!
And my Versace espadrilles for (hopefully!) Cannes 2020!

FOOMA #3: A Rive Gauche beach bag, £880

(FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel

This beauty, another from Saint Laurent (£880, Farfetch), is the perfect beach bag. In fact it’s so perfect, you definitely won’t want to get it covered in sand! I can imagine myself in Paris with this thrown over my arm, or placed next to me whilst I sit at a quaint little table drinking coffee. My holiday isn’t to Paris, but this bag is the perfect accessory for any French holiday, or any holiday…anywhere!

So there you have it, my (FOOMA) Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 3: Travel edition. Let me know what would be your luxury travel picks, I’m always excited to see what you choose!

Until Next Time,

Kay x

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