FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2

This week’s FOOMA is just a bit of fun; I’ve been lusting after all things designer for the home! We’re currently in the process of pretty much decorating our whole house, and being a fashion lover, I’ve been taking inspiration and Pinterest from the luxury brands! From the outlandish to the delectable, there are some amazing designer home pieces out there, some that I would never have thought would have existed, so I’ve pulled together my wishlist three and then I’ve included some extra ones, just for fun! Who’d have thought that there’d have been so much FOOMA in interiors! So here it is FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2!

FOOMA #1: A Dolce & Gabbana Kettle, £499.00

The ultimate in luxury, I would absolutely love a SMEG Dolce & Gabbana Kettle, they’re just so pretty! Hand-painted to perfection (you can even get a matching fridge, toaster and mixer!) the only thing standing in my way is the price tag, an eye-watering £499.00!! I mean I love tea, and I easily use my kettle at least 5 times a day, but £499 is a little bit excessive! I’m quite happy to have it sit on my luxury wish list though! It’s just soooo pretty!

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2
Dolce & Gabbana Kettle, £499.00 (available at Fenwick)

FOOMA #2: A Maison Christian Dior Scented Candle

Now this is one that I can get on board with, and it’s not only on my wishlist, but it’s also on my definitely going to purchase list! My Mister and I have recently turned our spare room into a dressing room (I know…room of dreams!), and I decorated it following a bit of a Dior theme, with greys and whites and a little pop of pink flowers.

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2 my dressing room
Dressing room goals!

Now the room is complete (other than a few bits of artwork that I want to put on the walls), I’m definitely going to treat it to a Maison Dior candle. I wore Sakura by Maison Dior on my wedding day and would love a candle in that scent, but as there’s not one available just now, I’ll probably choose something fresh and fruity. They’re £75 each, which is quite a lot for a candle, but it’s a special piece to finish off a special room, so why the heck not?

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2 Candles at Dior
Image copyright of

All Christian Dior candles are available here.

I’d also really love a Dior blanket, after lusting after one on the gorgeous home Instagram account of In The Frow’s Victoria Magrath (she has it in her dressing room too!

Best seen here in her bedroom, I love this blanket!

As I’m neither as rich or successful as her though, I can probably dream on!! A Candle it is….

FOOMA #3: Armani Chocolates

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2 the cutest chocolates from Armani!
Armani Chocolates in the prettiest of tins!

At €25, I wouldn’t really say that this one was unachievable, but I just love the fact that you can actually buy Armani chocolates and tea! Everything about them, from the cute packaging to the pretty bow, makes me want to order some Armani chocolates, just so I can stand the tin somewhere pride of place afterwards (yes, I am that materialistic ha!). Designers are making it so accessible to weave their name into every aspect of our lives, and although a lot of it is unobtainable for most normal incomes, I always love it when designers create entry-level products that are more purse-friendly. Well done Armani Dolci, I’ll be placing my order soon!

FOOMA OUTRAGEOUSNESS! Here’s an extra one, just for fun!

VERSACE cake stand
Versace Cake stand, £387

You all know how much I love an afternoon tea! Well super opulent brand Versace, have the full shebang when it comes to fine afternoon tea dining! Whilst the teapot will set you back around £600, and that’s before you’ve bought cups, plates and cutlery, you could always just choose this stunning cake stand to make the centre of your table look deliciously delectable. Throw on your best Versace, this way you can have your cake AND eat it!

So that’s it, FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection Week 2 wrapped up! Which piece was your favourite? Let me know on instagram or in the comments below!

Until next week!

Kay x

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