FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects of my Affection

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all okay? I haven’t written a post for a while, but I’m hoping to be able to find the time to start doing some weekly features, the first being this one, Fashionable Objects Of My Affection. When we first started lockdown, I wasn’t really thinking about the things I’d like to buy, and other than buying some stuff for my house, it’s safe to say that I’ve been pretty good with my spends during this time. But as time goes by, and more browsing takes place, I’ve found myself dreaming of designer products to come! So, for now, Sunday’s will offer a round up of what I’ve been lusting after each week. So here we have it, Fashionable Objects Of My Affection (or FOOMA for short!) from Sunday 7th of June, 2020!

FOOMA #1: Burberry Laptop Holder, £520

Maybe it’s because I’ve been using my computer and my laptop so much now that I’m working from home, but I’d really love somewhere nice to house my little MacBook. I’m missing using my handbags too, which has also fuelled my handbag-lust fire (we all have it, right ladies?!). So, in an internet Burberry-search rabbit hole (I quite often fall down those), I was led to my first object of my affection…

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection
Hello lover…it’s a real thing of beauty, and necessity!

Helllooooo you beautiful thing! This stunning feature of archive-beige, club check goodness is all that I can think about just now! At £520, it’s pricey, but it really is beautiful! Is it too early to plan my Christmas list? You can shop for yours (or one for me if you’d like ha!) at

FOOMA #2: Burberry Runway TB ring, £190

You might not be surprised to find that my second offering this week is also a Burberry piece, a beautiful statement ring for the not so earth-shattering price of £190. Now, in comparison to some of the other high-end designer brands, this is cheap for this stunning piece of jewellery. I love the TB monogram, and thought this would match my TB reversible belt beautifully!

I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn’t buy this ring, but if money was no object, I’d be the first in the queue! Maybe on my next visit to London…watch this space! Again, this is available to buy at

FOOMA #3: The Dior Book Tote, £2050

FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection
Dior Book Tote in Toile De Jouy fabric, £2050

Hello beautiful friend! This one has been on my radar forever! I really love these bags, and this version in the Toile De Jouy embroidery is definitely my favourite! It’s a bag I can’t imagine ever falling out of love with, so much so that I bought myself a little dupe version by Skinny Dip a few months ago. I use it as my work bag and get so much joy out of it, so one day, I’d really like to own the real thing. For now, I’ll keep on dreaming! You can ‘bag’ yours at, prices start at £2000.

So that’s my FOOMA: Fashionable Objects Of My Affection round up for this week! If there are any pieces you’ve had your eyes on, please let me know! I love hearing about other people’s wish lists!

Until next week,

Stay Safe,

Kay xx

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