Spotting “Freedom” Roberto Cavalli’s NEW Luxury Yacht

I wrote this post for my old blog in 2018, and wanted to share it again as it was one of my favourite fashion moments. Also, it makes me think of a happier time, when everything was a little bit more normal (pre Covid-19)! This is the story of Spotting “Freedom”, Roberto Cavalli’s NEW Luxury Yacht.

Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht

Outside of the Hotel Carlton Cannes
Outside of the Hotel Carlton, Cannes

My obsession with Roberto Cavalli’s yacht…

Okay, so I’ve never really been that interested in boats.  Like cars, I like them, I can tell a great one from a not so great one and I’m aware that the amazing ones are only owned by the super, super rich, but I’ve seen so many now on my visits to the South of France that I almost feel like they’re part of the scenery.  To me, Cannes would be a strange place if the yachts weren’t there; it’d be like someone telling me that they’d knocked down the Carlton (I mean not that I’ve stayed there, but you know, it makes Cannes, well…Cannes!).  But my obsession with Cavalli’s boat started long before I’d ever even visited Cannes, or seen a super yacht for that matter.  Yes, this is the story of a girl from the North East of England becoming a boat obsessive.  And it all started with Vogue…

Vogue you say?  What has that got to do with Roberto Cavalli’s boat?

Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht
Sarah Harris in Vogue, August 2013

Back in 2013, I read an article in Vogue magazine all about fashion features director Sarah Harris becoming a Cavalli girl for a week.  The story was all about her having to step out of her comfort zone and her minimalistic wardrobe, to take on the glamour and flamboyance that is the Cavalli world.  Staying with the family on ‘RC’ the Cavalli yacht, I poured over the pages to find out all about her Cavalli red-carpet adventure.  The words stayed with me, as I imagined the Cavalli world as she described it, and more importantly, the grandeur of that boat.  You see, RC isn’t just any old boat; it’s iridescent and changes colour depending on the heat of the sun, transforming it from pink to gold and a variety of shades in between.  It’s interiors are typical of Cavalli; leopard print, a serpent-themed spiral staircase, Cavalli-branded everything.  I wanted to see it with my own eyes and hoped that one day I would.

Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht
RC Roberto Cavalli Image credit (here)

Fast-forward to 2015 and my first trip to Cannes…

So, by 2015 I’d sort of forgotten about RC and my quest to spot the yacht (well I wasn’t likely to see it in the North Sea was I?!).  Until my Mister and I booked our first holiday to Cannes and I saw the yachts docked in Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez and Monaco.  I excitedly searched every port for the pink boat, seeing many almost’s or it could be’s, but never the real deal.  By our fourth visit to Cannes this year (by this point our favourite holiday destination),  I’d almost given up looking.  I’d heard of Cavalli visiting Cannes at the time of the Film Festival in May, but I’d resigned myself to the fact that the likelihood of me catching a glimpse of fashion royalty at the back-end of August was pretty slim. Maybe these days he preferred to dock in the Italian Riviera.  Little did I know that in 2018, things were about to change…

Spotting “Freedom”, Roberto Cavalli’s NEW Luxury Yacht…

Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht
My Mister and I, Cannes 2018

So it’s 2018 and I’m deep into another amazing holiday in Cannes and the South of France.  We’ve had amazing food, climbed the beautiful mountain up to Èze town, relaxed on beautiful beaches and have even started to catch a tan!  On this day in question, after a lovely morning on the beach, we decided to head back to the hotel for a change of clothes, and a visit to the most amazing ice-cream parlour near Cannes-La Bocca.  I’m eyeing up a boat that is docked not far from Cannes old town.  It’s black and sophisticated, but from a distance seems to have the most garish interior.  I think nothing of it and go about my business until my Mister utters the following words…”Kayleigh…you do realise that’s Cavalli’s boat?”.  I’m sorry babe, I thought you just said you’d seen Cavalli’s boat…WTF??!!!  Sure enough, the black boat with the flamboyant interior is none other than Cavalli’s!!!!  And I don’t have my phone with me!  Or a camera!!!

Please tell me you got a photo girl???!!!  It’s THE boat!

Cue a frantic dash back to the hotel, for that clothes change and more importantly a phone.  What if it had floated away on the Med before I got back?!  I couldn’t bear it!  Rushing back to the dock, my heart raced!  Had I just seen the boat I’d been chasing for 5 years?!

Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht
Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht

YES I HAD!!!!  Up close it was amazing too!  Leopard print is garish, but somehow in the world of Cavalli interior design, it just works.  As you can see from the shots above, Cavalli was in fact on the boat (EEEK FASHION ROYALTY!)  and as I subtly tried to take a photo without bothering him, my Mister was less subtle and just went for it (after all, everyone else was, right?!)

Spotting "Freedom" Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht

So, you might be thinking at this point that I’m a bit of a loser and I suppose I am!  But to me, seeing a piece of the Cavalli world up close is the perfect fangirl moment, he’s one of the fashion legends!  A complete innovator, the world of fashion could’ve been completely different without him.  Sorry Mr Cavalli for being a bit snap happy but if you ever read this, I just want you to know that by docking in Cannes you made my world for that one day!  So thanks!

It turns out that ‘RC’ is long gone and ‘Freedom’ is Roberto Cavalli’s new luxury yacht.  It was about to be debuted at the Cannes-Monaco yacht festival, so we even got to see it before it’s official unveiling!!!  So that’s why I couldn’t spot the yacht; I’d been looking for the wrong bloody boat!!  ‘Freedom’ however, was definitely worth the wait!

Dream big guys…

So my closing message is this; remember to dream big because good things come to those who wait!  5 years in the making, I finally got to spot ‘Freedom’ and it’s a memory that my Mister and I will share forever!  Sometimes when you stop looking for things, they appear right under your nose!!

And yes, our ice creams were EPIC!

Until next time, Kay xxx

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