15 Years With You: A letter to my other half

15 Years With You

15 Years With You

I remember the day that I met you. It was in a bar that no longer exists, and I was a student on a work Christmas night out. The night had been pretty crappy from what I remember, but ending up in this bar put us in the same room and on the same radar. You were friendly and funny and a little bit shy, but you brightened up my evening. We ended up back at your student accommodation and talked for hours, before sharing a kiss as you called a taxi to take me home.

A friendship began; texting and occasionally hanging out, until three months later you asked me to be your girlfriend. I loved spending time with you be it on a night out jumping around to some Indie, or at home in front of a DVD. Who could ever have known back then that our relationship would grow into what it is today!

In 15 years we’ve done so much! We’ve travelled to some lovely places (and some not so lovely places-remember being robbed in Ibiza?!). We’ve developed a shared loved for the South of France and still love nothing more than a stroll along La Croisette in Cannes, followed by a large glass of Bordeaux and a beautiful meal in a nice restaurant. And although I’ve loved all of the places we’ve travelled to, nothing could ever beat the day you proposed to me at sunset in Cannes, or our amazing whirlwind elopement in New York! Our wedding was the best day of my life; thank you for that.

So 15 years, a house, a grumpy old terrier and lots and lots and lots of memories later, I still love you as much as I ever did. In fact, I think I probably love you more! On the bad days, thank you for keeping me going, helping me to grow and for always finding the place where my smile is hidden. And on the good days, thank you for always making me laugh hysterically, calling me silly names and for being the perfect person that you are.

You’ve pushed me on in my career, you motivated me in my running, you’ve pulled me out of my darkest days and you’ve looked after me even when I thought I didn’t need looking after! Thank you. Thank you for it all.

Whatever happens in the next 15 years and more, I’ll always be there. Some days will probably test us, some days will bring us closer together, but whatever happens, know that I’ll always be by your side, whether you need me or not. Thank you for being my constant, and I promise you faithfully that I’ll always be yours.

15 years with you

I love you,

Kay x

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