5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry

Before I write a word of this post, I want to apologise for being MIA of late. I had a real crisis of confidence with my blog writing and wasn’t sure whether I even wanted to be on social media at all (I’m such a drama queen!). So, I’ve decided to pour some efforts back into my writing (and a little bit of Insta) to keep my fashion content and creative brain alive…thank you for sticking with me! So here’s my 5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry…enjoy!

Burberry: Memories AW ’20

5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry
Image copyright of Burberry

Given that I always write about the Burberry shows at London Fashion Week, I felt like this was a great place to pick up my blog writing once again. February 17th saw the unveiling of Ricardo Tisci’s latest collection for Burberry available to buy in AW20, entitled ‘Memories’. Inspired by his memories of travel and discovery that have informed his work as a designer, the runway in the Olympia National, West London was alive with deconstructed trench coats, statement evening wear and the welcome return of the oversized check. Everything felt classic, confident and incredibly ‘Burberry’, confirming that Tisci has certainly found his feet at the house. I loved it ALL and can’t wait to see the collection up close and personal in the Regent Street store come Autumn.

You can watch the show here.

5 Winning Ways With Burberry

In honour of the latest Burberry offering, I’ve been going through my wardrobe (which in itself will make up a different post!) to bring you my top five ways to style Burberry. Being someone who loves the brand, I thought I’d chat about how I add it to my every day wardrobe!

1 Choose an accessory that will last

Be it a scarf or a statement belt, you just can’t beat a long-lasting designer accessory. I absolutely love my Burberry scarf, and chose the colour especially as it always makes me feel bright on a duller day. For those days when a scarf isn’t really necessary, I don’t think you can beat a designer belt for finishing off an outfit. In a world filled with a Gucci gang, I always want to be the Burberry girl, choosing ‘TB’ over ‘GG’ every time.

2 Statement piece? Play everything else down

5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry
Statement trainers require a played down office style

If I have one piece that I want to make more of a statement with, I tend to play down the rest of my outfit. Above, I wanted my trainers to be my conversation piece, so I paired them with a monochrome office look, so the pattern would stand out more against the neutral backdrop. I also wore my Burberry tote to add a pop of colour.

3 Choose an understated piece that only those that know, will know

5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry

Sometimes the best designer pieces are those that aren’t instantly recognisable. My Burberry trench dress is just that. I bought it because I loved the shaped of it (it has a beautiful cape style panel on the back) and because I love navy. It’s probably one of my most commented on pieces of clothing, but I’d say that’s more because it’s quite unique than because it’s designer. When I was wearing it in New York, an assistant at Bergdorf Goodman asked me which designer I was wearing…it made my day to say ‘I’m wearing Burberry’.

4 Keep your pieces in perfect condition

5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry

The key to keeping your style looking expensive, even if it isn’t, is to really look after your key pieces. With my Burberry trainers, I always choose days to wear them when the weather isn’t so bad, or when I know that I definitely won’t be trudging through mud! Using wipes to keep them clean and storing them away in their shoe box always helps to keep them in peak condition too. Store shoes in their boxes (or somewhere where they won’t be covered in dust), handbags in dust bags and jewellery in a box, or its original box if that’s easier. As for shoes with a heel, avoid cobbled streets (a nightmare for scuffing if you fall down a gap!) and be sure to read the care instructions to see which weathers are a no go for your footwear. For clothes, always stick to the care instructions.

5 Finish off your look with a designer scent, a cost effective way to wear designer

5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry

A spritz of a great perfume can make you feel amazing, and it’s completely by chance that my favourite perfumes are also by Burberry too! I was given Burberry Her Intense as a birthday present from my parents last year, and My Burberry from my boss last Christmas, and I always feel super special wearing them both. If you’re wanting to buy yourself or a loved one a designer present, perfume is always a cost effective place to start! Now, which scent will you choose?

5 Winning Ways To Wear Burberry

So there you have it, my favourite ways to wear Burberry and my top tips for styling designer. How do you wear yours?

Until Next Time,

Kay x

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  1. Hi love you style! Always have done! I think the dress is my fave! xx

    1. Kayleigh Pickersgill says:

      Aww thanks girl, really appreciate it! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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