A letter of thanks to 2019, hello 2020

A letter of thanks to 2019, hello 2020
Cheers to 2020!

Hello 2020! Can you believe it? 2020! Wow, it feels WAY in the future, but it’s here. I thought I’d start my 2020 blogging journey with a look back on an epic year, and more importantly, looking forward to 2020. A letter of thanks to 2019, hello 2020 begins right here…

A letter of thanks to 2019, hello 2020: January-March 2019

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

Celebrating my 33rd birthday
Celebrating my 33rd birthday wearing Burberry

I started 2019 in a gin bar, wearing a Burberry dress and celebrating my 33rd birthday in style with my then fiancé. Little did I know on that cold Saturday in January what the year would have in store for me! My hair was shorter and darker, but my ambition was still ever present; I started this blog in January too! A blog with a new name but still all about fashion, it was an exciting time!

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

Hanging out with Kate
Cafe Royal with Kate

Notoriously the quieter part of the year, I’d say my main focus was spending time with my friends. I hung out with my lovely Kate at Cafe Royal and then went to spend a fab weekend in Huddersfield with my bestie for her birthday! It was so much fun!

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

With my best girl Miss K
Hanging out with Miss K!

I experimented with taking new fashion photos, added more Burberry to my wardrobe and spent time planning for more adventures in the rest of the year!

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

Burberry wardrobe

April-June 2019

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

Week off wedding planning

I started my April with a week off work and what an exciting week it was! I changed my hair, visited my lovely friend Alison at The Bowes Museum, got a visit from Krissi, went to Edinburgh with my Mister and went to a hidden jazz club. The most exciting part about this week off though was that we booked our wedding destination, NYC, and spent a lot of this period planning for it!

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

Dior afternoon tea
Dior daaarling!

In May, I went to London with my Mam to buy my Dior wedding shoes, visit the Dior and Mary Quant exhibitions and have Dior afternoon tea at the Berkeley. It was such a lovely weekend for both me and my Mam.

thanks 2019, hello 2020

What I wore for Burberry HQ
What I wore to go buying at Burberry

Another exciting thing that happened this month was that I went on my first ever buying trip with work! As a lover as all things fashion, I was super excited, even though my train was ridiculously delayed and I missed part of the appointment. It was a Burberry buy, and going to Burberry HQ in London was the stuff dreams are made of-I loved every minute of it!

thanks 2019, hello 2020

Meeting Tan France!
I met Tan France!

June was the month that I met one of my idols, Queer Eye’s Tan France! I was overjoyed to meet such an amazing stylist-I love Tan! He was so friendly and he loved my jacket, which is definitely a compliment from a person who dresses people for a living! I went to Manchester for his event with my lovely niece Rachel and it was so nice to spend a weekend away with her, even if we got on the wrong train on the way home ha!

Finally, I went to my first ever The Grammers UK event at Ramside Hall, to listen to a talk from Amanda Bell MUA. I went alone and almost didn’t go I was so nervous, but I had such an amazing time and met some really lovely women; it just goes to show that sometimes it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone!

July-September 2019

thanks to 2019, hello 2020

Kubix festival

Quite possibly the best three months of my life started with a bang and a trip back to the nineties with Kubix Festival at Herrington Country Park. I went with my work girls and we partied all night to Five, 911, Whigfield, So Solid Crew and many, many more! The night was euphoric-I loved it so much! I had a Sex and the City themed hen do at my friend Angela’s house, followed by my another hen do, where I got to wear Bride Babe glasses, party with my girls and eat some amazing food. It was so good to gather my girls together and spend time with them!

In August, I went to a class with make up artist Amanda Bell to learn how to apply my make up perfectly for my wedding, which was the best fun and a life skill that I’ll always be thankful to her for! I also had my third hen do with my work girls, who bought me an amazing Tiffany bracelet to wear on my special day-such a kind gesture and a gift that I’ll treasure forever!

Then on the 21st August, I flew to NYC for the holiday of a lifetime-I married my best friend and had a blast! I’ve written so much about my wedding, but honestly, it was the ACTUAL best day of my life!

thanks 2019, hello 2020
Photo by Sascha Reinking Photography

September was a total wedding come down month *sigh*. I came home from NYC, ran the Great North Run for the third time, celebrated my Hubster’s 36th birthday and got myself back into the swing of work and normality!

October-December 2019

thanks 2019, hello 2020

A visit from my best pal!

October was a quiet month, which saw my Mam and I day trip to Newcastle to start our Christmas prep and ended with a visit from my gorgeous bestie, some shopping, good food and catch ups and a blogging assignment with Silverlink.

thanks 2019, hello 2020
My Christmas tree!

In November, I had lunch with my good friend Margaret and visited an art exhibition with her at the Laing, Newcastle. I also won a Sienna Jones Bag on Instagram and completed most of my Christmas shopping, which is always an achievement. I ended the month by putting up my Christmas tree and making my house look super festive!

Last but not least, December was particularly awesome this year! I visited London for my annual Christmas trip with my Mister, and we had the best time! We went to Sketch for an amazing evening meal (I’ve always wanted to go!) and the food was out of this world (as was the interior!!). We also had breakfast at Burberry and pretty much shopped until we dropped. Hubster even bought some Louis Vuitton!!

thanks 2019, hello 2020
Singing again!

During December I also visited Beamish for their Christmas evening, saw an adult Nativity which was hilarious and did my first singing gig in over 4 years! Finally, I got to celebrate my first Christmas and birthday as a wifey for lifey! 34 isn’t so bad I promise! I had a lovely time, got some lovely gifts (hello Burberry trainers!) and spent time with all the people I love. What a great way to end the year!

Thanks to 2019, hello 2020: Looking forward to 2020…

Who know’s what 2020 has in store for me? I’m not one for resolutions, but I’m very excited about the coming year. I made a brave decisions at the end of 2019 which will see me wind down my work as a singing teacher in 2020 to go full-time in fashion, so I’m super excited to see where that will take me! And I’m also excited about my blog, some renovations in my house, my running, my singing and my holiday to Cannes in August! I’ve ticked off quite a few of the major life events now, but that hasn’t stopped me feeling super-driven and ambitious for the future. Come on 2020-I’m ready for another fabulous year!

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Until next time,

Kay x

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