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NYC: Sex and the City Tour

NYC: Sex and the City Tour

NYC: Sex and the City Tour

Although it’s another New York post from me, I thought this one would be a great one for all of my fellow fashionistas and the mighty Sex and the City army out there! Being an avid Carrie enthusiast, I had to do the Sex and the City tour and what fashion blogger worth their salt would pass up the chance to wax lyrical about all things SATC? Pour yourself a Cosmopolitan, kick off your Manolo’s and put yourself in Carrie’s shoes as I give you my honest review of the Sex and the City On Location tour!!

What I wore…

NYC: Sex and the City Tour
My SATC tour outfit

I had to choose something stylish for my day of Carrie spotting, but as it’s super hot in NYC in August I also had to choose something that suited the climate. In the end I chose my Vivienne Westwood bear t-shirt (which you may recognise from my hen do!) and these cute Zara shorts that my Mister bought me whilst I was in NYC. Paired with my trusty Paul Smith trainers, I was tour bus ready!

Where does the tour begin?

NYC: Sex and the City Tour
Plaza Hotel

Pick up for the NYC: Sex and the City Tour is just outside the Plaza Hotel. We pre-booked the tour and I think I paid around £48 per person. I have to be honest, my Mister hadn’t seen an episode of SATC before the trip, but was quite the trouper and came along with me anyway! The tour lasts about 2.5 hours and takes you to various famous locations from all of the series’ and the two SATC films. Much of the trip takes place on the tour bus, where your guide talks you through and points out the various locations around Manhattan. Many of the original locations are different today than they were when Sex and the City was filmed, but each change is explained and is linked to a clip from programme, played on the bus. As well as this, there are five famous stop-offs on the trip and as this was my favourite part, it’s the stop-offs that I’m going to concentrate on here.

Stop 1: Pleasure Chest (West Village)

NYC: Sex and the City Tour

Pleasure chest

So…Pleasure Chest in the West Village was the first stop-off of the trip and as the name suggests, it relates more to the ‘sex’ part of the show than anything else. Fans will remember that this is the shop where Charlotte buys a bunny and from there, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks! My Mister was a little mortified with this stop, but went inside anyway for the fun of it! We certainly had our eyes opened on this part of the trip and spent a lot of time giggling at the most weird and wonderful things. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but the shop does sell SATC memorabilia so it’s worth a visit for that (and the staff are great fun too!).

Stop 2: Buddakan (Chelsea)

NYC: Sex and the City Tour Buddakan
At the Bar in Buddakan

Buddakan just off Chelsea Market, was the location of Carrie and Big’s rehearsal dinner for their wedding in the first of the Sex and the City films. Closed to the public during the day, the restaurant kindly allows SATC tour visitors to roam the restaurant and take photos of it’s beautiful interior. Instantly recognisable from the movie, Buddakan is simply breathtaking. As a lover of oriental cuisine, I’d have loved to have gone back to eat there, but sadly time went against us. Buddakan offers a complimentary glass of Prosecco or a Cosmopolitan for any customer from the tour that buys Dim Sum and shows their tour brochure in the evening, so for those of you that have a chance to eat there, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Stop 3: Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop OR Magnolia Bakery (Greenwich Village)

NYC: Sex and the City Tour

Carrie's Stoop
Carrie’s Stoop

After a little trip through the Meatpacking District to spot Samantha’s famous apartment, the next stop is the biggie; Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop! Is there a location more famous than that Brownstone house on Perry Street (not the fictional 245, East 73rd Street as it’s known in the series)? I feel like I need to prepare you for this part of the trip dear readers, as the current owners of the Carrie apartment don’t take kindly to SATC fans constantly snapping away at their front door, and you’ll see this splattered all over the windows of the house (along with anti-Trump propaganda too!). As long as you’re discreet, and take photos from the opposite side of the street as directed by your tour guide, you can still get the money shot, because let’s face it, what would a SATC trip be without a visit to THAT stoop?! And if visiting Carrie isn’t your thing, Magnolia Bakery is just around the corner. There wasn’t time to do both, so we opted for the stoop, but our lovely tour guide Ally Doman provided us with cupcakes on the bus, so it was a win win!

FUN FACT: Sarah-Jessica Parker’s actual apartment runs parallel with the Carrie apartment on the street behind Perry Street, so if you’re lucky, you may just see her strutting around NYC!

Stop 4: Scout (Onieal’s Speakeasy, 174 Grand Street)

NYC: Sex and the City Tour

Onieal’s (Scout)

The bar famously owned by Aidan and Steve, Scout was my favourite stop on the SATC trip. Actually named Onieal’s, this is the location where you can really get in touch with your inner Carrie, with Cosmo’s at $10 a go (just for the SATC tour). I loved the bar, its so rustic and cool and it was great to enjoy a Cosmo after being on a hot bus for most of the afternoon.

NYC: Sex and the City Tour
Enjoying Cosmos in ‘Scout’

Stop 5: SJP Shoes

NYC: Sex and the City Tour SJP Shoes

The tour winds up at Sarah-Jessica Parker’s shoe shop, where there’s a discount for anyone that’s been on the trip on current season stock, and there’s lots of SJP merchandise too. SJP shoes are a real thing of beauty and very Manolo inspired, Carrie would certainly approve!

NYC: Sex and the City Tour SJP shoes
NYC: Sex and the City Tour 

Stolen Manolo's
You pass the alley where Carrie had her Manolo’s stolen!

NYC: Sex and the City Tour The Verdict

The SATC tour is a great way to see NYC and to learn a lot about the famous locations from the show, but I’ll be completely honest, although I absolutely loved the stop-off locations, I found it really hard to see all of the pointed out locations from the bus and it was even harder to get photo opportunities. As a walker, I think I’d have preferred to have wandered around some of the locations myself with a map to get a better look. However, I understand that the trip is bound by time constraints so that’s why things have to operate the way they do. Our guide was great and very knowledgeable, so thanks so much Ally Doman, I learnt a lot! Would I recommend it? Yes if the weather isn’t great or if you don’t have a lot of time in NYC, but if you’re there a while, I’d recommend maybe just visiting the stop off locations on foot instead! Oh, and as we didn’t have time to visit the original Magnolia, I can highly recommend the one near Rockefeller Center for amazing cupcakes (we visited ourselves after the trip). Cosmos and cupcakes, what more could a girl want?!

Until next time,

Kay x

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  1. Liz Forrest says:

    Loved it, I did exactly the same tour about 5 years ago ! Love to see it all again, and I love the Magnolia Cupcakes ! Thank you. Just back from NYC but did not do the tour again. I actually won a SATC holiday to NY years ago, on my local radio station.

    1. Girl In The Burberry Scarf says:

      What an amazing prize! Glad to hear you enjoyed reading, thanks so much for stopping by! You’re very welcome! Hope you had a fab time in NYC in your recent trip,

      Kayleigh x

  2. I was walking past the Magnolia Bakery last month and thought it looked familiar! I’m only a casual Sex in the City watcher and was in Greenwich Village because of its Friends connections.

    1. Girl In The Burberry Scarf says:

      I love Greenwich village! Definitely grab yourself a cupcake next time, they’re the best!


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