Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography

Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography

Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography

So, for the final instalment of my wedding posts, I’m going to talk about my wonderful wedding photographer, as promised. Read on to find out how we found him, why we chose him and why we’d definitely make the same choice again! So here it is, Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography.

How did you choose a wedding photographer?

Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography

I’m not going to lie, it’s quite a daunting task trying to choose someone to photograph your wedding when you’re planning to get married in another country! Although our wedding was very low key, I really liked the idea of having some beautiful wedding photos to look back on, so it was something that we really thought about and made sure we had factored into our budget. That way, friends and family could have part of our special day when we got back home. There are hundreds of wedding photographers in New York City, but luckily we came to our choice quite easily! We’d been looking at wedding photographers and prices and feeling a little overwhelmed and then just by chance, I googled the marriage process in New York and found Sascha’s blog. Yes, the man who was soon to be our wedding photographer had written a blog on everything we needed to know about the process of marrying in NYC, and when I saw his photographs I got so excited! I’m a firm believer in fate and finding Sascha was definitely a moment that was meant to be!

How did you book?

Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography

Because we had a ten day window of when we could get married, we first contacted Sascha in April of this year (2019) for our wedding in August (however, he does get inundated with booking requests so I’d definitely recommend contacting him as early as possible). Sascha was friendly and helpful from our first email; we told him that we wanted to get married fairly early on in our holiday and between us, we decided that Monday 26th August would be a great day (a Monday generally is a quieter day for weddings). With packages to suit every couple’s needs (and the option to add on Sascha’s wife Jackie as an officiant for your wedding if you require one), we opted for the Flat Iron Package, which is 2 hours photography on your day, approximately 180 images, a slideshow set to music and the beauty of having all of your images posted or emailed to you. As it was just the two of us, we thought this package would be more than sufficient, but if you’re thinking of booking Sascha for your own nuptials, he has lots of different options and add-ons to make your wedding day run as smoothly as possible! And if you have any queries, he’s quick to answer them too; no question was too small when we were contacting him to book. We paid an initial deposit, then settled our full balance around a month before our wedding (or thereabouts).

What about the location?

Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography

Sascha had offered to be our witness and photograph our ceremony as part of our two hours with him, but we were more interested in getting our photographs taken with a beautiful New York City backdrop. My favourite thing about working with Sascha was that he was really flexible about the time and location on the day of our shoot, all that was set in stone was the date. Before arriving in New York, I wasn’t sure whether I’d want Central Park or Brooklyn photos, so I asked whether he’d mind if I let him know which we had chosen a couple of days before our wedding, and he was totally cool with that (as you can probably imagine, my Mister just went with the flow!). Right up until the day, Sascha suggested the perfect shoot times for best light and to avoid the NYC summer humidity, and in the end we chose to have our photos taken before our ceremony at 9am. We chose Brooklyn in the end because we loved the views of the Manhattan skyline and I couldn’t have been happier with our choice (the weather was perfect that day too!).

What happened on the day?

The day was amazing! We met Sascha at 9am in Brooklyn and he took us to the most amazing spots for our photos. Luckily at that time of day, there was hardly anyone around, so we managed to get some amazing pictures that made us feel like we were the only two people in Brooklyn. We’re really not that good at posing, but luckily with this kind of photography there’s no smiling straight to the camera. All of the shots were really natural and relaxed and he really managed to capture us as a couple, whilst managing to really highlight the amazing location!

Sascha is a really warm, funny, friendly guy, so we really enjoyed our time with him! He carried my Louis Vuitton handbag all over Brooklyn and waited patiently whilst I swapped my shoes between locations (as I was hobbling so bad with blisters on our wedding day!!)! His photographs are a real thing of beauty too, he’s amazing at what he does and his service was truly worth every penny-in fact I was really sad when our time with him was over! We owe you a beer one day Sascha that’s for sure!

How long did you wait for your photos?

Sascha told us that it would be about six weeks for our photos, but in the end I think we waited around three to four weeks. He emailed us our beautiful slideshow first, then our gallery followed the very next day. I loved all of our photos so much and the fact that we had options in both black and white, and colour to choose from. The hardest part is going to be choosing which ones to put up in our home!

I don’t want to share all of our photos or our slideshow here as I think it’s important that we keep some of our special day just for us and our nearest and dearest, but each and every photo he took was absolutely stunning; he really helped to bring out the best in us that day; thank you Sascha!

How do we find out more about Sascha Reinking Photography?

We said yes!

Sascha has a few social media outlets, but my favourite is his stunning Instagram account which you can find here. He posts a photo of each of the couples he’s taken photos of, so there’s always something interesting to see on his account (I love his stories too!). You can also find him on Facebook and via his website where you can find out more information about his packages and elopement packages and you can check out his blog too.

Thanks for reading my wedding series and Wedding News: Sascha Reinking Photography, I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,

Kay x

PS-If you want to find out more about the NYC marriage process, I’ve written all about it here.

(All photographs are copyright of Sascha Reinking Photography)

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  1. What wonderful photos – it’s so important to get the right photographer as you need your photos to live upto and even enhance your memories or your special day.

    1. Girl In The Burberry Scarf says:

      That’s so true, we definitely made the right choice with ours! Thanks for reading!

      Kay x

  2. Your wedding photographs are beautiful, so so special! So glad you went for Brooklyn because nothing beats that city skyline and they are really New York! What a great collection of pictures to have from your special day x

    1. Girl In The Burberry Scarf says:

      Thank you Chloe! I loved everything about the whole experience! I just want to live there ha!


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