Tan France: Naturally Tan Book Tour

Tan France Naturally Tan Book Tour

Tan France: Naturally Tan Book Tour

Tan France Naturally Tan Book Tour

So, I can’t believe that I haven’t gotten around to posting this sooner! On 21st June, 2019, I met Tan France!! Some of you may have seen that I posted about this on my Instagram, but I love Tan so much that I felt it was worthy of a blog post too!

Who is Tan France?

Tan France Naturally Tan Book Tour
Tan France @ The Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester

This is a question that I probably don’t need to answer, but for those that don’t know him, Tan France is a stylist from the AMAZING show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I have to confess, after only having Netflix for less than a year, I was late to the party when it came to Queer Eye, but could remember it being around years ago with a different cast. When I first got Netflix, I instantly fell in love with the Fab Five and binge watched the lot; Queer Eye is the best feel good programme on television, FACT! The concept is simple, a ‘hero’ is nominated by a family member or friend for a lifestyle transformation and the Fab Five step in to do just that. The heroes are usually normal, lovely people that have forgotten how to put themselves first and need a little TLC and guidance in order to be able to do so once again. They are selfless, and the Fab Five reward them for being so! Doncaster born Tan France is the show’s stylist and wardrobe consultant and I’ve pretty much had a fangirl crush on him from the start; I’ve always loved fashion and style and I love the way he chooses outfits for the heroes that are very ‘them’. Think practical, wearable style choices that are age appropriate; Tan is so good at what he does! I’d love to shop with him! He also gave me the French tuck (google it!), a style staple that I can’t get enough of! Just in case you’re also interested the other four are equally as fabulous; Karamo is a lifestyle coach, Antoni teaches the heroes to cook, Jonathan helps with their grooming routine and Bobby transforms their apartments/houses with his outstanding interior design skills! They’re all sensational at what they do and if you don’t believe me, then you need to check them out for yourselves!

So, what is Naturally Tan?

Well, Tan wrote a book! It’s kind of like an autobiography/style guide, filled with beautifully written and incredibly funny anecdotes of his life. From dealing with racism in his hometown, to skipping school to shop, meeting the love of his life, to how he almost didn’t take the job on Queer Eye because he didn’t think he was good enough, Naturally Tan is an honest account of a really great man! It’s funny, sometimes a little sweary, real and incredibly positive; it’s a great read for anyone that loves fashion, fashion business, Queer Eye or Tan.

The Tour…

Tan France Naturally Tan Book Tour
Tan France and Matt Edmondson

I went with my beautiful niece Rachel to the tour at the Dancehouse in Manchester. Tan only did three dates in the UK and as he’s Rachel’s favourite too, we knew we had to be there. We both bought the book prior to the event and spent the week before we went to Manchester pouring over every page to avoid the spoilers (I couldn’t put it down if I’m honest!). Tan was introduced by radio DJ and presenter Matt Edmondson, who asked him questions about the book and extracted the funniest stories without giving too much away for those that hadn’t read it! Tan was everything we’d expected him to be and more; he was fun, warm, friendly and interesting! I’m so glad we went to the tour and given the chance, I’d do it all over again!

Meet and Greet with Tan…

I met Tan France!!

Everyone that bought the book on the evening, or that had brought a copy with them, had the opportunity to have their photo taken with Tan. It was a fleeting meeting if I’m honest, but Tan was sweet and friendly and I was over the moon that he liked my jacket, I mean, it’s not every day that you get outfit approval from one on TV’s greatest stylists! The light was awful on the evening so although I don’t love the photos of me, I’ll cherish them forever because it was such a lovely experience to meet one of my TV heroes!

Rachel and I in Manchester before we went to see Tan
Rachel and I loved the Tan France tour!

Thank you Tan France, Rachel and I loved the Tan France Naturally Tan Book Tour, you’ve got two fans for life in us! And if you want to read Tan’s book, you can find it here!

Until Next Time,

Kay x

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