Wedding news: Why choosing a dress is hard!

Wedding news: Why choosing a dress is hard!

Wedding news: Why choosing a dress is so hard!

Hello lovely readers! I hope this post finds you well!

Today’s topic is definitely fashion related and is also part of the reason why I haven’t posted quite as frequently as I usually like to! Yes, so as you’ve probably guessed by the title ‘Wedding news: Why choosing a dress is hard!’ I’m finding choosing a dress to wear for my wedding a little challenging!! So whilst I won’t be sharing all of my wedding plans (some things I like to keep for just me and my Mister!), I thought I’d share my current real-life struggle, hoping that I’m not the only person to go through this! And hopefully helping those that also share my plight! We’ve got this girls!

When’s the big day?

Okay, like I said, it’s all a bit hush hush, but it is this year. I’d always said from the start that I didn’t want a conventional wedding; being the centre of attention just really isn’t my thing, which I suppose may be a little surprising given that I’m a singer and a blogger! I guess in those areas of my life, I can pick and choose what I share, whereas the thought of being ‘all eyes on me’ on my big day, always filled me with dread! So an elopement was the only way, and luckily I have a Mister who shares in my desire to just get it over and done with. We’re so romantic, right? Ha, love isn’t the issue I promise, we just always wanted it to be just about the both of us.

So why is choosing a dress so hard?

Exactly! For someone who loves fashion as much as me, and never struggles with what to wear on a daily basis, nor do I struggle to find stuff that suits me, I honestly for the life of me can’t manage to find a dress!! AND IT’S DRIVING ME INSANE!! And the problem? I decided pretty early on that I didn’t want a wedding dress and that I really didn’t want to wear white either, which means that I can pretty much wear whatever I want…and therein lies the problem! TOO MUCH CHOICE! Oh and wedding dress FOMO (fear of missing out on a better dress of my dreams!!!!). There are a million beautiful dresses out there, just waiting to be tried on and loved, but they all seem to not love me. ARRRRGGGGHHH!

Wedding news: Why choosing a dress is hard!
This was my original dress, a beautiful Needle and Thread number

So the dress above was originally going to be my wedding dress. I was so smug because I had it sorted pretty much straight after my engagement; I wasn’t going to be the girl that couldn’t choose. And then I joined the gym; fast forward to two years later, the dress doesn’t fit because my body shape has changed, and I sold it on eBay to someone who could cherish it forever. SIGH. If I’m honest though, it’s a pretty dress, but now the wedding is approaching I’m not sure if it was THE dress anyways. Back to the drawing board!

What about some words of advice from friends?

I love my close friends, and cherish them completely, but this ultimately has to be my decision. My lovely best friend sent me a million choices, each of which didn’t look right because I just don’t know what I want. I’ve tried picturing the day, and the location, but at the minute my head is floating over nothingness. It’s a bit more Emperor’s New Clothes than Kayleigh’s new dress and that’s just not a look I’ll be going for thank you very much!

So what are you going to do?

Vivienne Westwood shoes, I'm leaning towards choosing a Westwood dress
Vivienne Westwood shoes from the exhibition at York Museum, she’s currently my designer of choice for wedding dress style!

Okay, although this may be hard to believe, I’m going to not panic. Up to now I’ve tried on three Vivienne Westwood dresses (two of which wouldn’t have fit a small child, but nevertheless, it’s progress don’t you think?) and one is still a potential. I never set out for it to be Vivienne Westwood, but I keep being drawn to her beautiful draping, so who knows? I’ve got time on my side, and I’m relying on the notion that when I finally see it, I’ll know. But until then, I’ll keep looking. Plus, I want to feel my best self when I choose, so I’ll keep on with the gym and keep cutting out the cake and see where that gets me. And if all else fails, it’s my wedding, maybe I’ll just get married in something else instead!

Anyone else in this position?

If you are, girl we need to swap numbers (and websites!)! But seriously, if you are, don’t let the dress overshadow the purpose of the elopement; your wedding day should be exciting, no matter how big or small it is. I can’t wait to marry my man and I know that whatever dress I do or don’t choose, he’ll be happy. So don’t sweat the small stuff, take a nice deep breath and when the time comes, say yes to the dress that makes you happy!

The happy couple, not long until our wedding!
I might be struggling with the dress, but I’ve definitely found the man!

Humour me…

What sort of dress could you see me wearing on my big day? I’m always open to suggestions! Let me know in the comments or via my social channels!

Until Next Week,

Kay x

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