High-End vs High Street Part Two #OOTN

High-End vs High Street Part Two #OOTN

High-End vs High Street Part Two #OOTN Dressing Up Primark

High-End vs High Street Part Two #OOTN
High-end vs High-Street

March 15th saw my Mister and I hit a milestone of 14 years together as a couple! It’s rare I get an evening off work, but this year the stars aligned and I got to spend our anniversary with him, work-free and out in Durham! I love to dress-up and my whole outfit (above) was totally inspired by my new Primark shirt. Now I know that many bloggers are ditching the high-street in favour of sustainable fashion, but I plan to keep this beautiful Primark shirt in my collection for years to come. The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with shopping the high-street, but it’s all about choosing the key pieces that will enhance your wardrobe, rather than buying throw-away fashion. So in my first of a series of posts about curating my wardrobe, I thought I’d take you through my outfit, featuring my rather beautiful TB belt, my current favourite piece. So here it is High-End vs High Street Part Two #OOTN.

The Shirt

Purchased recently from Primark, this shirt was £12. I chose it because I absolutely loved the Versace-style print and the black and gold details. The fabric is absolutely beautiful for an item of a low-end price point and the fit is oversized. It’s a style and print that I wouldn’t normally wear, so in the interests of trying something new, I went with it! If you like it, it’s from current stock, so quick go, get!

The details

I teamed my shirt with the following items to complete the look, concentrating on the black and gold theme:

Jeans: Armani Jeans (old)

These jeans are from Flannels sale a couple of years back. I think I paid £50 for them and have worn them more times than I can count! They’re slightly high-waisted and quite a thin denim and I always feel great wearing them! I’d always recommend Armani jeans!

Shoes: French Connection (old)

My shoes were a present for my Mister a couple of Christmas’ ago. They’re a black point-toed heel, with a neon yellow snakeskin style pattern up the back. They’re beautiful shoes; my go to on the rare occasions I wear a heel.

Bag: Roberto Cavalli-Cavalli Class (old)

Again from Flannels, I bought this bag for £141 in the Flannels sale, to take with me on holiday to Cannes a few summers ago. I believe a handbag is a real investment piece, always choosing quality over quantity. It’s amazing what you can pick up during sale time and if you’re choosing a handbag, I’d recommend playing it safe with classic colours so your bag won’t date. The cost per wear of this bag is probably about £2 now I’ve used it that many times! I chose it for this outfit because I thought it’s gold details really popped against the shirt.

Belt: Thomas Burberry TB Reversible Belt (current season)

Brown side of my reversible belt from a different outfit

This belt is my belt of dreams!! I recently ordered it from Burberry for £320; it’s reversible too, so I guess it’s two for the price of one!! I’d been wanting a good designer belt for ages but wanted to step away from the Gucci gang as I always like to have something a bit different! It’s cost per wear will probably be about 1p eventually, as the best designer purchases should be! I love it so much and teamed with my gold Burberry watch, I was happy with the winning combination! Just a note, I’m a UK Size 8 and chose a Medium belt (Burberry have great customer service and a clear size guide online-so if you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask!).

The Verdict

I felt great in my outfit; I love choosing new pieces and teaming them up with pieces from my wardrobe! My advice to anyone wanting to stock up on style staples would be to always try on, choose pieces that will go with lots of things and choose pieces of a higher quality if you want them to last!

And PS, we had a great evening!

Until next time,

Kay xx

(all pieces are my own, this is not a sponsored post!)

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  1. YESSS! So refreshing to see someone talking positively about high street fashion. I think if you pick your pieces carefully and look after them you can get so much wear out of them. I have so many Primark things in my wardrobe that are years and years old but look as good as new! I prefer to invest a bit more money in things like bags, jewellery and coats and then save my cash on my actual clothes.

    1. Girl In The Burberry Scarf says:

      It’s definitely how you shop, not what you buy. I’m not being an advocate for fast-fashion, if you choose your pieces well and make them last, it shouldn’t matter where you shop! Thanks Chloe! X

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