Ricardo Tisci’s Tempest Burberry AW 19/20

Ricardo Tisci's Tempest Burberry AW 19/20
Burberry aw 19/20
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On a Sunday afternoon in February, Ricardo Tisci showed his latest collection for Burberry. To tie-in with the B-Series, where a handful of Burberry products are sold on the 17th of every month on Instagram, it was fitting that Tempest, his collection for AW19/20 would also be shown on the 17th of the month. When you love a brand, it’s always exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measures to watch the latest runway show; you want it to be amazing and you’re scared that it won’t be. Luckily for me, Tisci is killing it at Burberry! So here it is, my review of Ricardo Tisci’s Tempest Burberry AW 19/20.

Two collections, one show

Burberry’s Instagram ran with a post that said “Structure and Rebellion, Two bespoke environments through which one collection will be viewed”. They were talking about the venue for the show, but I think this could also be said for the clothes (hence why I’ve ran with the heading two collections!). There weren’t really two collections, but the vibe of the show very much felt like there were. There was the edgier, gothic side, akin to Tisci’s history as a designer, then there were examples of beautiful and exquisite tailoring which is always expected from the house (and is my favourite thing about Burberry). Much of this collection came from the idea of Britain being a ‘country of contrasts’, which also lends to the idea of there being two themes present in the show.

The branding is the next thing to note, the new intertwined ‘TB’ was used throughout the more tailored elements of the collection, and the new ‘BURBERRY’ logo was also present too. When they were first introduced, it was hard to imagine the world of Burberry without the famous knight and horse crest, but the power of Tisci’s branding and use of social media to promote it has made it feel like it’s always been there. I love the new logo and enjoyed seeing it used more cleverly and clearly throughout, in comparison to Kingdom (the Spring/Summer show).

My thoughts on the collection

Image taken from Evening Standard and copyright of Getty Images

When the show first started, I thought the first few pieces were wild and somewhat braver than what I’ve been used to with Burberry. Edgy and cool street wear, deconstructed puffer-jackets, wacky prints and much more, took me back to Bailey’s LGBTQ show, except these pieces seemed to work more effectively as a whole collection. I love the use of the new Burberry branding running down the legs of pants and across coats; it’s becoming unmistakably Burberry-it’s new and fresh, and it works. Then on the flip-side, the trench coat was a prominent feature as would be expected, but it’s neutral camel palette, spilled out onto dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories, and I loved them all. I’ve probably said this before, but what I love most about Tisci’s Burberry is that it is so wearable but certainly not in a bland, run of the mill way. The trademark check was still there in spades featuring alongside beautiful shoes, stunning handbags and exquisite silk shirts. It’s Burberry just how every Burberry lover would want it to be; simply breathtaking.

Favourite pieces

Image taken from the Evening Standard and copyright of Getty Images

I loved, loved, loved all of the trench coats and I can’t wait to get my hands on a piece featuring the new ‘TB’ logo, so I best start to pull that Christmas list together now! I also loved the evening dresses that appeared towards the end of the show; they seemed to glide through the venue! It was great to see some amazing models such as Gigi Hadid and Stella Tennant walk the runway for Burberry too. Thank you Ricardo Tisci, your collection is everything I hoped it would be and more. The future is certainly bright at Burberry.

Until next time,

Kay x

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