Be Part Of The Gucci Gang With Off Her Dolly Rocker

Wearing Gucci Bow headband

Be Part Of The Gucci Gang With Off Her Dolly Rocker

I’ve been an Off Her Dolly Rocker and House Of Harrie Hattie customer for as long as I can remember. What is this phenomenon I hear you cry? Well, Kerry Jones, my wonderfully creative friend is the face of these amazing brands. Beginning just as House of Harrie Hattie, specialising originally in beautiful handmade headpieces, headscarves and bows and now perfect pet couture, Kerry also launched Off Her Dolly Rocker a couple of years ago, the younger sister of the brand. Off Her Dolly Rocker sees funky earrings, vintage finds and other treasures being sold alongside Kerry’s Hattie creations. Kerry is a super-talented lady and her pieces are true works of art! And now I’m ready to be part of the Gucci gang with Off Her Dolly Rocker!

Pawfect Pet Couture

Jay-Jay wearing House of Harrie Pet Couture
Jay-Jay modelling his latest pet couture, a gift from Kerry

I’ve lost count of the amount of amazing pieces I’ve bought both for myself and my lovely little pooch Jay-Jay, from Kerry’s amazing Etsy store! Jay-Jay has a dog bow-tie for every occasion (and being a Burberry lover I even bought him a Burberry inspired one a while back so that he could join in with my Burberry obsession!!). They’re beautifully created, and with a velcro fastener which simply attaches over the collar, your pets can look stylish with ease (and without the worry that they’ll choke!).

Jay-Jay wearing his Burberry-inspired bow!
Jay-Jay wearing his Burberry-inspired bow!

Joining The Gucci Gang

Bow and Gucci earrings
My Gucci earrings of dreams, and Jay-Jay’s bow tie

My latest purchases from Kerry’s store are a thing of dreams. Being a high-end fashion girl, I really couldn’t resist the Off Her Dolly Rocker repurposed Gucci earrings she recently added to her store. In fact, I loved them so much I even bought the matching headband! In a world where we are being encouraged to shop more sustainably, I can’t think of a better way to wear Gucci than by having a few one-off pieces, repurposed with love from someone I admire (and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank!). My earrings got so much love when I posted them on Instagram, I love them so, so much!

Gucci earrings, to match my favourite Gucci necklace
And my stunning Gucci-bow headband

Shop House of Harrie Hattie

I’ll always be a huge fan of Kerry’s work. Through her, I’ve added some wonderful accessories to my wardrobe and through a shared love of fashion, I’ve made a friend for life too. I’d encourage anyone to shop House of Harrie Hattie for wonderful service and some great one-off pieces at a purse-friendly price. So what are you waiting for? Shop House of Harrie Hattie today!!

Until next time,

Kay xx

Disclaimer: I wasn’t asked to write this piece and this isn’t an Ad. I’m a longtime fan of Kerry’s work and will always try to promote businesses I love when I can. She did however kindly gift me Jay-Jay’s black and white bow with my last purchase-but that’s just because she’s lovely!

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